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Synonyms of discharge in English:


  • 1 he was discharged from the RAF
    [Antonyms] recruit, engage
  • 2 he was discharged from prison
    release, liberate, free, set free, let go, let out, allow to leave, set/let/turn loose;
    deliver, spare, exempt;
    historical manumit
    [Antonyms] imprison
  • 3 oil is routinely discharged from ships
    send out, pour, release, eject, emit, let out, void, issue, dispense, give off, exude, excrete, ooze, leak, gush, jet;
    Medicine  extravasate
    literary disembogue
    [Antonyms] absorb
  • 4 he accidentally discharged a pistol
  • 5 there is an elevator for discharging grain from ships
    unload, offload, empty, unburden, disburden, remove, relieve;
    deliver, deposit, put off
    rare unlade
    [Antonyms] load
  • 6 the bank had failed to discharge its supervisory duties
    carry out, perform, conduct, do;
    observe, abide by, stand by
    rare effectuate
  • 7 the executor must discharge the funeral expenses
    pay, pay off, pay in full, settle (up), clear, honour, meet, liquidate, satisfy, defray, make good
    informal square
  • noun

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  • 1 his discharge from the service
    dismissal, release, removal, ejection, ousting, expulsion, congé;
    Military  cashiering
    informal the sack, firing, axing, the axe, the boot, one's marching orders, the heave-ho, the push, the bullet
    [Antonyms] recruitment
  • 2 she was given an absolute discharge by the magistrates
    release, liberation;
    acquittal, clearance, clearing;
    informal let-off, letting off
    historical manumission
    [Antonyms] conviction
  • 3 there was a discharge of diesel oil into the river
  • 4 symptoms include a watery discharge from the eyes
    emission, secretion, excretion, exudate, effusion;
    flow, ooze, seepage, suppuration;
    pus, matter
  • 5 he killed eight birds with a single discharge of his gun
    (discharges) gunfire
  • 6 we have two hundred passengers and freight for discharge
    [Antonyms] loading
  • 7 the teachers appeared somewhat lax in the discharge of their duties
    completion, accomplishment, achievement, fulfilment, execution, implementation, dispatch, effectuation;
  • 8 the residue of the estate after the discharge of all debts
    payment, repayment, paying (off), settlement, settling (up), clearance, clearing, honouring, meeting, liquidation, defraying, making good
    informal squaring
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