Synonyms of disgust in English:



  • 1 he reached into the bin with a look of disgust on his face
    [Antonyms] relish
  • 2 the bowler hurled his cap to the ground in disgust
  • verb

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  • 1 the hospital food disgusted me
    revolt, repel, repulse, sicken, nauseate, cause to feel nauseous, make shudder, turn someone's stomach, make someone's gorge rise;
    be repugnant to, be repulsive to, be distasteful to
    informal turn off, make someone want to throw up
    North American informal gross out
    [Antonyms] attract
  • 2 he is disgusted by Clare's easy morals
    outrage, shock, horrify, appal, scandalize, offend, affront, dismay, displease, dissatisfy;
    annoy, anger;
    nauseate, sicken
    [Antonyms] please
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