Synonyms of dispose in English:



  • 1 the chief disposed his attendants in a circle
    arrange, order, place, put, position, orient, array, spread out, range, set up, form, organize, seat, stand; marshal, muster, gather, group, assemble
    informal park, plant, pop, stick
    rare posit
  • 2 she hoped the trip might dispose her husband to be more charitable
    incline, encourage, persuade, predispose, make willing, make, move, prompt, lead, induce, inspire, tempt, motivate, actuate; bias, sway, influence, determine, direct
  • Phrases

    dispose of

  • 1 industrial waste was disposed of in official sites
    throw away, throw out, cast out, get rid of, do away with, discard, jettison, abandon, eject, unload; scrap, destroy
    British informal get shot of
    North Americantrash
    [Antonyms] retain
  • 2 he had disposed of all his costumes, props, and scenery
    part with, give away, make over, hand over, deliver up, bestow, transfer; sell, auction; unload, palm off, fob off
    British informal get shot of
    [Antonyms] acquire, keep
  • 3 informal she disposed of a fourth cake See consume
  • 4 informal he robbed her and then disposed of her See kill
  • 5 she disposed of her errand and went home
    deal with, discharge, execute, perform, do, sort out, settle, finish, conclude, end, dispatch
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