Synonyms of dissipate in English:



  • 1 his anger had dissipated the queue dissipated
    disappear, vanish, evaporate, dissolve, melt away, melt into thin air, be dispelled, dematerialize;
    disperse, scatter;
    quell, allay, check
    literary evanesce
    [Antonyms] grow, develop
  • 2 he had dissipated his fortune
    squander, fritter (away), misspend, waste, throw away, make poor use of, be prodigal with;
    spend recklessly/freely, lavish, expend, spend like water, throw around like confetti;
    exhaust, drain, deplete, burn (up), use up, consume, run through, go through, lose
    informal blow, splurge, pour/throw down the drain, spend money as if it grows on trees, spend money as if there were no tomorrow, spend money as if it were going out of style/fashion
    British informal blue
    vulgar slang piss away
    [Antonyms] save
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    dissipate, disperse, scatter
    See scatter

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