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Synonyms of division in English:


  • 1 they protested against the division of the island a special kind of cell division
    dividing, dividing up, breaking up, break-up, cutting up, carving up, severance, splitting, dissection, bisection, cleaving;
    partitioning, separation, segregation, disconnection, detachment
  • 2 she supervised the division of his estates
    [Antonyms] integration
  • 3 the division between nomadic and urban cultures
    dividing line, divide, boundary, boundary line, borderline, border, partition, margin, demarcation line, line of demarcation, cut-off point
  • 4 each of these classes is divided into nine divisions
    section, subsection, subdivision, part, portion, piece, bit, segment, slice, fragment, chunk, component, share;
    compartment, category, class, group, grouping, set, order, batch, family
  • 5 an independent division of the Health and Safety Executive
    department, branch, arm, wing, sector, section, subsection, subdivision, subsidiary, detachment, office, bureau, offshoot, satellite, extension
  • 6 the causes of social division were analysed
    disunity, disunion, conflict, discord, disagreement, dissension, disaffection, estrangement, alienation, isolation, detachment;
    variance, difference;
    informal falling-out
    rare scission
    [Antonyms] unity
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    schizo- related prefix, as in schizocarp
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