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  • 3 if you can't get espresso, regular coffee will do
    suffice, be adequate, be satisfactory, be acceptable, be good enough, be of use, fill the bill, fit the bill, answer the purpose, serve the purpose, meet one's needs, pass muster; be enough, be sufficient
    informal make the grade, cut the mustard, be up to snuff
  • 4 the boys will do the dinner when they get home
    prepare, make, get ready, fix, produce, see to, arrange, organize, be responsible for, be in charge of, look after, take on
  • 9 thanks—you've done me a favour
    grant, pay, render, afford, give, bestow
  • 10 I'm doing the VAT on a multiple dispatch show me how these equations should be done
    work out, figure out, calculate, add up; solve, resolve, puzzle out, decipher; British tot up
  • 11 she's doing archaeology at university
    study, read, learn, take a course in, take classes in, be taught
  • 12 what does he do?
    do for a living, work at, be employed as, earn a living as/at; what is …'s job?


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do away with

do someone/something down

informal he loves an opportunity to do down his colleagues belittledisparagedenigraterun downdeprecatedepreciatecast aspersions ondiscreditvilifydefamedecrycriticizeabuseinsultmalignNorth Americanslur informaldo a hatchet job ontake to piecestake apartpull apartpick holes indrag through the mudhave a go athit out atknockslampanbashbad-mouthlook down one's nose atBritish informalrubbishslateslag off rareaspersederogateminify

do for someone

  • 2 it was drink that did for him
    kill, cause the death of, take/end the life of, finish off
    informal polish off, do in, knock off, take out
    literary slay

do someone/something in

  • 3 I did my back in and I can't work any more
    injure, hurt, damage, maim, cripple, disable, paralyse
    British informal knacker

do something out

British informal the basement is done out in limed oak decoratefurnishadornornamentembellishdeck outtrick outtrim informaldo upBritish informaltart up

do someone out of something

he tried to do them out of their livestock profits swindle out ofcheat out oftrick out ofprevent from havingprevent from gainingdeprive ofdispossess ofrob ofstrip ofrelieve of informalcon out ofdiddle out of

do someone over

some men had been sent to do him over beat upassaultattackmugbatterthrashpummelpound informalknock about/aroundwork overclobberrough upfill inbeat the living daylights out oflet someone have itBritish informalhave a go atduff someone upNorth American informalbeat up on

do something up

  • 1 she stopped to do her bootlace up
    fasten, tie, tie up, lace, knot, make a knot in, tie a bow in; make fast, secure, bind, tighten
    she stopped to do her bootlace up
    [Antonyms] undo

do without

they were forced to do without certain bodily comforts forgodispense withabstain fromrefrain fromeschewgive uprenounceforswearswear offkeep offkeep away frommanage without informallay offcut outquitgive something a miss

have nothing to do with

we have nothing to do with it and ignore it steer clear ofavoidshunevadeeschewshy away fromfight shy ofrecoil fromkeep away fromkeep one's distance fromgive a wide berth toleave alonesnubgive someone the cold shouldercold-shoulderignoreturn one's back on

have something to do with

what does this have to do with me? training has nothing to do with strength relate toapply tobe relevant tohave relevance toconcernrefer tohave reference tobelong topertain tobe pertinent tobear onhave a bearing onappertain toaffectinvolvecovertouch archaicregard

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