Synonyms of dog in English:



  • 1 she went for long walks with her dog
    hound, canine, mongrel, cur, tyke;
    male dog;
    bitch, pup, puppy, whelp
    informal doggy, pooch, mutt
    Australian informal mong, bitzer
  • Phrases

    go to the dogs

    this country is definitely going to the dogs
    deteriorate, be in decline, degenerate, decay;
    collapse, slump, slip, slide, go downhill, go backwards, go to rack and ruin, stagnate, wane, ebb
    informal go to pot, hit the skids, go down the toilet, go down the tubes
    Australian/New Zealand informal go to the pack
    rare retrograde


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  • they dogged him the length and breadth of the country the scheme was dogged by bad weather
    plague, beset, bedevil, assail, beleaguer, blight, trouble, torment, haunt
    informal tail
  • Word links

    canine relating to dogs
    dog male
    bitch female
    pup, puppy young
    pack1 collective noun
    cynophobia fear of dogs

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