Synonyms of dot in English:



  • the photograph is made up of tiny dots
  • Phrases

    on the dot

    informal at six o'clock on the dot will they be here on the dot?preciselyexactlysharppromptto the minuteon the naildead onon the stroke of …promptlypunctuallyon time informalbang onspot onNorth American informalon the buttonon the noseAustralian/New Zealand informalon the knocker


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  • 1 spots of rain began to dot his shirt
    spot, fleck, bespeckle, mark, dab, stipple, pock, freckle, sprinkle, dust
    literary befleck, bestrew, besprinkle
  • 2 North Africa was once dotted with freshwater lakes restaurants are dotted around the site
    scatter, pepper, sprinkle, strew, litter; punctuate, stud, cover; spread, disperse, intersperse, distribute
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