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Synonyms of doubt in English:


  • 1 there was some doubt as to the caller's identity
    [Antonyms] certainty
  • 2 a weak, indecisive leader racked by doubt
    [Antonyms] conviction, confidence
  • 3 there is doubt about the motive behind this move
    scepticism, distrust, mistrust, lack of trust, doubtfulness, suspicion, cynicism, disbelief, incredulity, unbelief, misbelief, lack of confidence/conviction, uneasiness, apprehension, wariness, chariness, questioning;
    informal leeriness
    rare dubiety
    [Antonyms] trust
  • Phrases

    in doubt
  • 1 the issue was never in doubt
    doubtful, uncertain, open to question, unsure, unconfirmed, unknown, unsettled, undecided, moot, unresolved, debatable, open to debate, in the balance, pending, in limbo, in no man's land, up in the air, confused, problematic, ambiguous
    informal iffy
    [Antonyms] settled
  • 2 if you are in doubt, ask for advice
    [Antonyms] sure, confident
  • verb

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  • 1 they did not doubt my story
    disbelieve, distrust, mistrust, suspect, lack confidence in, have doubts about, be suspicious of, have suspicions about, have misgivings about, feel uneasy about, feel apprehensive about, call into question, cast doubt on, query, question, challenge, dispute, have reservations about
    archaic misdoubt
    [Antonyms] trust
  • 2 I doubt whether he will come
    think something unlikely, have (one's) doubts about, question, query, be dubious, lack conviction, have reservations about
    [Antonyms] be confident
  • 3 stop doubting and believe more firmly!
    be undecided, have doubts, be irresolute, be hesitant, be tentative, be ambivalent, be divided, be doubtful, be unsure, be uncertain, be in two minds, hesitate, shilly-shally, waver, falter, vacillate, dither, demur
    informal sit on the fence
    [Antonyms] believe
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