Synonyms of down in English:

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down 1


  • 1 they went down in the lift
    towards a lower position, downwards, downstairs, towards the bottom, from top to bottom
    [Antonyms] up
  • 2 they're down in the hall
    in a lower position, downstairs, at the bottom
  • 3 she fell down
    to the ground, to the floor, over
  • preposition

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  • 1 the lift plunged down the shaft
    lower in/on, to the bottom of
    [Antonyms] up
  • 2 I walked down the street
    along, throughout the length of, to the other end of, from one end of … to the other, through, across, by way of, via
  • 3 we have done him many favours down the years
    throughout, through, during, in
  • adjective

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  • 2 the computer is down
    not working, not functioning, not functional, not in working order, not in operation, inoperative, malfunctioning, out of order, broken, broken-down, acting up, unserviceable, faulty, defective, in disrepair;
    not in service, unavailable for use, not in use, out of action, out of commission
    informal conked out, bust, (gone) kaput, gone phut, on the blink, gone haywire, shot
    British informal knackered, jiggered, wonky
    North American informal on the fritz, out of whack
    British vulgar slang buggered
    [Antonyms] working
  • verb

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  • 1 he struck Slater on the face, downing him
    knock down, knock over, knock to the ground, throw to the ground, bring down, bring to the ground, fell, topple, prostrate, tackle, rugby-tackle, trip up
    informal deck, floor, flatten
  • 2 he downed his pint of beer
    British informal neck
    North American informal scarf (down/up), snarf (down/up), chug
  • noun

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  • 1 (downs) the ups and downs of running a business
    setbacks, upsets, reverses, reversals, reversals of fortune, downturns, mishaps, strokes of ill luck, strokes of bad luck, accidents, shocks, vicissitudes, crises, catastrophes, tragedies, calamities, trials, crosses, knocks, burdens, blows, buffets
    archaic foils
    [Antonyms] ups
  • 2 he's having a bit of a down at the moment
    fit of depression, period of despondency
    informal the blues, the dumps, one's black dog, a low
    North American informal the blahs, a funk, a blue funk
    informal, dated the mopes
    literary dolour
    archaic the megrims
    [Antonyms] high
  • Phrases

    have a down on
    informal poor Fairfax, I think they had a down on him
    disapprove of, be against, be prejudiced against, be set against, bear a grudge towards, show antagonism to, be hostile to, show/feel ill will towards;
    persecute, pick on, push around/about, lean on, bully, abuse, discriminate against, ill-treat, mistreat, maltreat, harass, hound, torment, terrorize, torture, punish unfairly
    informal get at, have it in for, be down on, give someone a hard time, hassle, needle, get on someone's back, make things hot for someone
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    Synonyms of down in English:

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    down 2


  • the young puffin stopped preening tufts of grey down from its feathers
    soft feathers, fluff, fuzz, floss, lint, bloom, fine hair, nap, pile
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