Synonyms of dream in English:



  • 1 I awoke from turbulent dreams
    fantasy, nightmare;
    vision, hallucination
  • 2 Leonora went around in a dream the following week
    daydream, reverie, trance, daze, stupor, haze, hypnotic state, half-conscious state, state of unreality;
    Scottish dwam
  • 3 he realized his childhood dream of running the estate
    desire, wish, notion, yearning;
    daydream, fantasy;
    illusion, delusion, pipe dream, chimera;
    (dreams)castles in the air, castles in Spain
    informal pie in the sky
  • 4 he's an absolute dream
    delight, joy, marvel, wonder, gem, treasure, pleasure;
    beauty, vision, vision of loveliness, pleasure to behold
  • verb

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  • 1 she dreamed that she had been present at her own funeral
    have a dream, have dreams, have a nightmare, have nightmares
  • 2 I dreamed of making the Olympic team
    wish for, hope for, long for, yearn for, hunger for, hanker after, set one's heart on;
    aspire to, desire to, wish to;
    aim for, seek to, have as one's goal/aim, set one's sights on
    literary thirst for/after
  • 3 she's always dreaming—I think she lives in a world of her own
    daydream, be in a reverie, be in a trance, be lost in thought, be preoccupied, be abstracted, let one's thoughts wander, stare into space, indulge in wool-gathering, be in a brown study, be in cloud cuckoo land;
    muse, wonder
  • 4 I wouldn't dream of being late for Aunt Louise
    think, consider, contemplate, conceive, entertain the thought of, visualize
  • Phrases

    dream something up

    I dreamed up some new excuse
    think up, invent, concoct, devise, hatch, contrive, create, fabricate, work out, come up with, conjure up
    informal cook up, brew


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  • he bought his Californian dream home for $3,000,000
    ideal, perfect, flawless, exemplary;
  • Word links

    oneiric relating to dreams
    oneiromancy interpretation of dreams
    oneirophobia fear of dreams

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