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Synonyms of dress in English:


  • 1 he dressed quickly and ran out of the house
    put on clothes, don clothes, slip into clothes, clothe oneself, get dressed
    [Antonyms] undress, strip
  • 2 he was dressed in an expensive grey suit
    informal get up, doll up
    literary bedizen
    archaic apparel
  • 3 they used to dress for dinner every day
    wear formal clothes, put on evening dress, dress up;
    [Antonyms] dress informally, dress down
  • 4 she'd enjoyed dressing the tree and singing carols
    garnish, furbish, enhance, grace, enrich
    informal trick out, tart up
    literary furbelow
  • 5 they took him in and dressed his wounds
    bandage, cover, bind (up), wrap, swaddle, swathe, plaster, put a plaster on
  • 6 she still had the chickens to dress
    prepare, get ready, make ready;
  • 7 the field was dressed with unrotted farmyard manure
    fertilize, add fertilizer to, feed, enrich, manure, mulch, compost, top-dress
  • 8 it takes two days to dress a pair of millstones
    smooth, polish, gloss, level, face
  • 9 Patrick dressed Michelle's hair in a sculptured style
    style, groom, arrange, comb, brush, do, put in order, straighten, adjust, preen, primp
    informal fix
  • 10 the battalion dressed its ranks with precision
    line up, put in line, align, straighten, arrange, put into order, dispose, set out, get into rows/columns;
    fall in
  • Phrases

    dress down
    she was dressed down in a T shirt and torn jeans
    [Antonyms] dress up, dress smartly
    dress informally, dress casually, be untidy
    informal slob around
    dress someone down
    informal the president dressed down the media during the press conference See reprimand (verb)
    dress up
  • 1 Angela loved dressing up
    dress smartly, dress formally, wear evening dress
    informal doll oneself up, dress to the nines, put on one's glad rags
    [Antonyms] dress casually, dress down
  • 2 Hugh was dressed up as Santa Claus
    disguise oneself, dress;
    put on fancy dress, wear a costume, put on a disguise, wear disguise
  • dress something up
    tabloids make their money by dressing up the prejudices of their readers as informed opinion
    present, represent, portray, depict, characterize;
    embellish, enhance, touch up, embroider, gloss, adorn;
    informal jazz up


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  • 1 she had on a long blue dress
    frock, gown, robe, shift
  • 2 at ten o'clock Morton put on full evening dress
    finery, regalia
    informal gear, get-up, togs, duds, garms, glad rags, schmutter
    British informal clobber, kit, rig-out
    North American informal threads
    archaic vestments
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