Synonyms of dress in English:



  • 1 he dressed quickly and ran out of the house
    put on clothes, don clothes, slip into clothes, clothe oneself, get dressed
    [Antonyms] undress strip
  • 2 he was dressed in an expensive grey suit
    clothe, attire, garb, fit out, turn out, deck, deck out, trick out/up, costume, array, robe, accoutre
    informal get up, doll up
    literary bedizen
    archaic apparel
  • 3 they used to dress for dinner every day
    wear formal clothes, put on evening dress, dress up; change (one's clothes)
    [Antonyms] dress informally dress down
  • 4 she'd enjoyed dressing the tree and singing carols
    decorate, adorn, ornament, trim, deck, bedeck, embellish, beautify, prettify, array, festoon, garland, rig, drape; garnish, furbish, enhance, grace, enrich
    informal trick out, tart up
    literary furbelow
  • 5 they took him in and dressed his wounds
    bandage, cover, bind (up), wrap, swaddle, swathe, plaster, put a plaster on
  • 6 she still had the chickens to dress
    prepare, get ready, make ready; clean
  • 7 the field was dressed with unrotted farmyard manure
    fertilize, add fertilizer to, feed, enrich, manure, mulch, compost, top-dress
  • 8 it takes two days to dress a pair of millstones
    smooth, polish, gloss, level, face
  • 9 Patrick dressed Michelle's hair in a sculptured style
    style, groom, arrange, comb, brush, do, put in order, straighten, adjust, preen, primp
    informal fix
  • 10 the battalion dressed its ranks with precision
    line up, put in line, align, straighten, arrange, put into order, dispose, set out, get into rows/columns; fall in
  • Phrases

    dress down

    she was dressed down in a T shirt and torn jeans
    [Antonyms] dress up dress smartly
    dress informallydress casuallybe untidy informalslob around

    dress someone down

    informal the president dressed down the media during the press conference See reprimand (verb)

    dress up

  • 1 Angela loved dressing up
    dress smartly, dress formally, wear evening dress
    informal doll oneself up, dress to the nines, put on one's glad rags
    [Antonyms] dress casually dress down
  • 2 Hugh was dressed up as Santa Claus
    disguise oneself, dress; put on fancy dress, wear a costume, put on a disguise, wear disguise
  • dress something up

    tabloids make their money by dressing up the prejudices of their readers as informed opinionpresentrepresentportraydepictcharacterizeembellishenhancetouch upembroiderglossadornginger up informaljazz up


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  • 1 she had on a long blue dress
    frock, gown, robe, shift
  • 2 at ten o'clock Morton put on full evening dress
    clothes, clothing, garments, attire, costume, outfit, ensemble, garb, turnout; finery, regalia
    informal gear, get-up, togs, duds, garms, glad rags, schmutter
    British informal clobber, kit, rig-out
    North American informal threads
    archaic vestments
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