Synonyms of dud in English:




  • their new product turned out to be a complete dud
    failure, flop, let-down, disappointment; Britishdamp squib
    informal washout, lemon, loser, no-hoper, non-starter, dead loss, dead duck, lead balloon, fail
    North American informal clinker
    [Antonyms] success
  • adjective

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  • 1 a dud typewriter ribbon
    defective, faulty, unsound, inoperative, broken, broken-down, not working, not in working order, not functioning, malfunctioning, failed
    informal bust, busted, kaput, on its last legs, conked out, done for
    British informal duff, knackered
    British vulgar slang buggered
    [Antonyms] in working order
  • 2 he payed with a dud £50 note
    counterfeit, fraudulent, forged, fake, faked, false, bogus, spurious; bad, invalid, worthless
    informal phoney
    [Antonyms] genuine
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