Synonyms of early in English:



  • 1 early copies of the book are now ready
    advance, forward, prior; initial, preliminary, first, primary; pilot, test, trial
    [Antonyms] late
  • 2 an early death
    untimely, premature; too soon, too early, before time
    archaic unseasonable
  • 3 bronze was used widely by early man
    primitive, ancient, prehistoric, antediluvian, primeval, primordial; of long ago
    literary of yore
    rare primigenial, pristine
    [Antonyms] modern
  • 4 he produced an early official statement
    prompt, timely, quick, speedy, rapid, fast, without delay, expeditious
    archaic rathe
    [Antonyms] overdue
  • adverb

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  • 1 Rachel has to get up early
    early in the day, in the early morning; at dawn, at daybreak, at cockcrow, with the lark
    [Antonyms] late
  • 2 they hoped to leave school early
    before the usual time, before the appointed time; prematurely, too soon; ahead of time, ahead of schedule, in good time
    literary betimes
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