Synonyms of effect in English:



  • 1 the effect of these changes is hard to assess
    result, consequence, upshot, outcome, out-turn, sequel, reaction, repercussions, reverberations, ramifications; end result, conclusion, termination, culmination, denouement, corollary, concomitant, aftermath, footprint, fruit(s), product, by-product; Medicinesequelae
    informal pay-off
    dated issue
    archaic success
    [Antonyms] cause
  • 2 the effect of this drug can be long-lasting
    impact, action, effectiveness, efficacy, efficaciousness, influence; power, potency, strength, usefulness, success
  • 3 with effect from tomorrow
    force, operation, enforcement, implementation, execution, action, effectiveness; validity, lawfulness, legality, legitimacy, authenticity, legal acceptability
  • 4 he said ‘See you later’, or words to that effect
    sense, meaning, theme, drift, thread, import, purport, intent, intention, burden, thrust, tenor, significance, message; gist, essence, substance, spirit; mood, character, vein, flavour
    archaic strain
  • 5 (effects) they went through the dead man's effects
    belongings, possessions, personal possessions, personal effects, goods, worldly goods, chattels, goods and chattels, accoutrements, appurtenances; property, paraphernalia; luggage, baggage
    informal gear, tackle, kit, things, stuff, junk, rubbish, bits and pieces, bits and bobs
    British informal clobber, gubbins
    vulgar slang shit, crap
  • Phrases

    have an effect on

  • 1 their behaviors have an effect on others
    affect, influence, exert influence on, act on, work on, condition, touch, have an impact on, impact on, take hold of, attack, infect, strike, strike at, hit; change, alter, modify, transform, form, shape, control, govern, determine, decide, guide, sway, bias
  • in effect

    the battle had, in effect, already been wonreallyin realityin truthin factin actual facteffectivelyessentiallyin essencevirtuallypracticallyin practical termsfor all practical purposesto all intents and purposesin all but nameall butas good asmore or lessas near as dammitalmostnearlywell nighnigh onjust aboutSouth Africanplus-minus informalpretty muchpretty nearlypretty well

    be in effect

  • 1 is this law yet in effect?
    be in force, be in operation, act, stand, apply, be applied, run, be/remain valid, be current, function, be efficacious, hold good, be the case, be the order of the day, obtain, hold, be the case, be prevalent, prevail, pertain, be established
  • put something into effect

  • 1 the plans have not yet been put into effect
    implement, apply, put into action, put into practice, execute, enact, carry out, carry through, perform, administer; fulfil, discharge, accomplish, bring about, achieve, realize, contrive, effect; enforce, impose
  • take effect

  • 1 these measures will take effect on 23rd November
    come into force, come into operation, come into being, begin, become operative, become valid, become law, apply, be applied
    [Antonyms] lapse
  • 2 the drug started to take effect
    work, act, be effective, produce results, have the desired effect, be efficacious
    [Antonyms] wear off
  • to no effect

  • 1 his efforts were all to no effect
    ineffective, ineffectual, inefficacious, vain, in vain, futile, to no avail, unavailing, useless, unsuccessful, non-successful, nugatory, failed, fruitless, unproductive, profitless, unprofitable, pointless, to no purpose, abortive, inadequate
    archaic for nought, bootless
    rare Sisyphean
    [Antonyms] effective successful
  • 2 they can bluster to their hearts' content to no effect
    in vain, unsuccessfully, vainly, without success, to no avail, to no purpose, ineffectually, with no result, fruitlessly, profitlessly, unproductively
    [Antonyms] successfully
  • verb

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  • the government effected a good many changes
    achieve, accomplish, carry out, succeed in, realize, attain, manage, bring off, carry off, carry through, execute, conduct, fix, engineer, perform, do, perpetrate, discharge, fulfil, complete, finish, consummate, conclude; cause, bring about, cause to happen/occur, initiate, put in place, create, produce, make, give rise to; provoke, call forth, occasion, bring to pass; generate, originate, engender, precipitate, actuate, wreak, kindle
  • effect or affect? See affect2

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