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Synonyms of effective in English:


  • 1 there is no effective treatment for this condition
    successful, effectual, efficacious, productive, constructive, fruitful, functional, potent, powerful;
    worthwhile, helpful, of help, of assistance, beneficial, advantageous, valuable, useful, of use
    [Antonyms] ineffective, incompetent, weak
  • 2 a more effective argument can be constructed in support of the opposite point of view
    impressive, persuasive, irresistible, credible, influential, conclusive, unanswerable, authoritative;
    logical, reasoned, reasonable, well reasoned, rational, lucid, coherent, cogent, eloquent, clear, articulate
    [Antonyms] weak
  • 3 the new law will become effective three months from now
    lawful, legal, licit, legitimate, legally binding, binding;
    Law  effectual
    [Antonyms] invalid
  • 4 the region did not come under effective Dutch control until 1904
    virtual, practical, essential, operative, actual, implied, implicit, unacknowledged, tacit
    [Antonyms] theoretical
  • Phrases

    be effective
  • 1 no one doubts that these measures will be effective
    succeed, be successful, work, work out, turn out well, go as planned, have the desired result, get results, be efficacious;
    have an effect, take effect, be efficacious, function, act, have results, take hold
    informal come off, pay off, do the trick, do the business
    North American informal turn the trick
    [Antonyms] fail, have no effect
  • effective or efficient?Both these words express approval of the way in which someone or something works; but their meanings are different. Effective describes something which successfully produces an intended result, without reference to morality, economy of effort, or efficient use of resources ( the drug is more effective in treating ulcers than its predecessors | the trap was hideously unpleasant and equally hideously effective). Efficient, on the other hand, applies to someone or something able to produce results with the minimum expense or effort, as a result of good organization or good design and making the best use of available resources ( staff offer efficient and unobtrusive service).

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