Synonyms of encourage in English:



  • 1 the players were encouraged by the crowd's response
    hearten, cheer, buoy up, uplift, inspire, motivate, egg on, spur on, stir, stir up, whip up, fire up, stimulate, animate, invigorate, vitalize, revitalize, embolden, fortify, rally, incite;
    lift the spirits of, raise the morale of, stiffen the resolve of
    informal buck up, pep up, give a shot in the arm to
    North American informal light a fire under
    [Antonyms] discourage
  • 2 he would never encourage Joan to leave her husband
    persuade, coax, urge, press, push, pressure, pressurize, exhort, spur, prod, goad, egg on, prompt, influence, sway
    informal put the heat on, put the screws on, twist someone's arm
    [Antonyms] dissuade
  • 3 the Government was keen to encourage local businesses
    support, back, endorse, champion, advocate, recommend, promote, further, advance, forward, foster, strengthen, enrich;
    help, assist, aid, abet, boost, fuel, favour
    [Antonyms] hinder
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