Synonyms of end in English:



  • 1 Laura's house was at the end of the row
    extremity, furthermost part, limit, margin, edge, border, boundary, periphery; point, tip, tail end; North American tag end
    Laura's house was at the end of the row
    [Antonyms] beginning, middle
  • 5 the commercial end of the music business
    aspect, side, section, area, field, part, share, portion, segment, province


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make ends meet

even with no children to support, she couldn't make ends meet managecopeget bysurviveexistsubsistmuddle through/alongscrape by/along/throughget alongmake dobarely/scarcely have enough to live onkeep the wolf from the doorkeep one's head above waterscrimpscrape a living informalmake out

put an end to something

  • 2 it took over a hundred years to put an end to child labour See abolish


end up

instead of going to Alaska, he ended up in Africa finish upland uparrivefind oneselfturn upcomegoappear informalwind upfetch upshow uproll upblow in

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