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Synonyms of entertain in English:


  • 1 he wrote his first stories to entertain his children
    amuse, divert, distract, delight, please, charm, cheer, beguile, interest, fascinate, enthral, engage, involve, occupy, absorb, immerse, engross, preoccupy, hold the attention of
    [Antonyms] bore
  • 2 he often entertains foreign visitors at home
    receive, play host/hostess to, show hospitality to, invite to a meal/party, invite (round/over), ask (round/over), have (round/over), give someone a meal, throw a party for;
    dine, wine and dine, feast, cater for, serve, feed, treat, welcome, host, fete
  • 3 I expect you entertain a lot
    receive guests, have guests, play host/hostess, provide hospitality, have people round/over, have company, hold/throw a party, keep open house, have a dinner/lunch party
  • 4 would you entertain the possibility of undertaking such a venture again?
    consider, give consideration to, take into consideration, think about, contemplate, give thought to, bear in mind;
    countenance, tolerate, brook, suffer, agree to, approve of, support
    [Antonyms] reject
  • 5 he entertained the suspicion that he was being swindled
    harbour, nurture, foster, nurse, cherish, hold, have, bear, hold (on to), possess, cling to, retain, maintain, brood over, hide, conceal
    [Antonyms] eschew
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