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Synonyms of equal in English:


  • 1 two lines of equal length
    [Antonyms] unequal, different
  • 2 fares were equal to a fortnight's wages for a skilled craftsman
    [Antonyms] unequal, more than, less than
  • 3 the right to equal treatment before the law
    [Antonyms] unequal, discriminatory
  • 4 a fair and equal contest
    evenly matched, evenly balanced, even, balanced, level, evenly proportioned, well matched, on a par, on an equal footing
    [Antonyms] uneven, unequal
  • Phrases

    equal to
    Patricia was equal to the task
    informal up to scratch, having what it takes


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  • they did not treat him as their equal
    [Antonyms] superior, inferior
  • verb

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  • 1 thirty six divided by two equals eighteen
    be equal to, be equivalent to, be the same as, correspond to;
    British  tot up to
  • 2 he equalled the world record
    match, reach, parallel, come up to, be level with, measure up to, achieve
  • 3 the fable equals that of any other poet
    be as good as, be equal/even/level with, be a match for, match, measure up to, come up to, equate with, be in the same league as, be in the same category as, be tantamount to;
    rival, compete with, contend with, vie with
    [Antonyms] lose to, beat
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    iso- related prefix, as in isobar, isochronous
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