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Synonyms of escape in English:


  • 1 he had escaped from prison
    get away, get out, run away, run off, break out, break free, get free, break loose, make a break for it, bolt, clear out, flee, fly, take flight, make off, take off, decamp, abscond, take to one's heels, make a/one's escape, make good one's escape, make a/one's getaway, beat a (hasty) retreat, show a clean pair of heels, run for it, make a run for it;
    get out of someone's clutches
    informal bust, do a bunk, do a moonlight flit, cut and run, skedaddle, skip, head for the hills, do a disappearing/vanishing act, fly the coop, take French leave, scarper, vamoose, hightail it, leg it
    British informal do a runner, hook it
    North American informal take a powder, go on the lam
    [Antonyms] be captured, be imprisoned
  • 2 he escaped his pursuers
    get away from, escape from, elude, avoid, dodge, leave behind, shake off, fend off, keep at arm's length, keep out of someone's way, steer clear of, give someone a wide berth
    archaic bilk
    [Antonyms] be caught by
  • 3 all three drivers escaped injury I came in here to escape the washing-up
    avoid, evade, dodge, elude, miss, cheat, trick, sidestep, circumvent, skirt, keep out of the way of, bypass, shun, steer clear of, shirk
    informal duck
    [Antonyms] suffer
  • 4 a lethal gas escaped from a pesticide factory
    leak (out), spill (out), seep (out), ooze (out), exude, discharge, emanate, issue, flow (out), pour (out), gush (out), drip, drain, bleed;
  • noun

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  • 1 he had been at large since his escape from prison
    disappearance, vanishing act
    informal, dated springing
    [Antonyms] capture, imprisonment
  • 2 a narrow escape from death
    avoidance of, evasion of, dodging of, eluding of, circumvention of
    informal ducking of
    rare elusion of
  • 3 a gas escape
    leak, leakage, spill, seepage, drip, dribble, discharge, emanation, issue, flow, outflow, outpouring, gush;
    technical efflux
  • 4 boarding school seemed to me an escape from boredom
    distraction, diversion, interruption
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