Synonyms of evidence in English:



  • 2 the court refused to accept Mr Scott's evidence
  • 3 the room showed evidence of a struggle
  • Phrases

    in evidence

    team spirit was much in evidencenoticeableconspicuousobviousperceptibleperceivablevisibleon viewon displayeasily seeneasily noticedplain to seepalpabletangibleunmistakableundisguisedunconcealedprominentstrikingglaringwrit large informalas plain as the nose on your faceas plain as a pikestaffstanding/sticking out like a sore thumbstanding/sticking out a mileright under one's nosestaring someone in the facewritten all over someone archaicsensible


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  • the rise of racism is evidenced by the increase in racial attacks
    indicate, show, reveal, be evidence of, display, exhibit, manifest, denote, evince, signify; testify to, attest to, verify, confirm, prove, substantiate, endorse, back up, support, bear out, give credence to
    [Antonyms] disprove
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