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Synonyms of evil in English:


  • 1 an evil deed the most evil man he had ever met
    wicked, bad, wrong, morally wrong, wrongful, immoral, sinful, ungodly, unholy, foul, vile, base, ignoble, dishonourable, corrupt, iniquitous, depraved, degenerate, villainous, nefarious, sinister, vicious, malicious, malevolent, demonic, devilish, diabolic, diabolical, fiendish, dark, black-hearted;
    monstrous, shocking, despicable, atrocious, heinous, odious, contemptible, horrible, execrable
    informal low-down, stinking, dirty, shady, warped, bent, crooked
    archaic dastardly, black
    rare egregious, flagitious, peccable
    [Antonyms] good, virtuous
  • 2 the evil influence of society an evil spirit
    corrupting, subversive;
    calamitous, disastrous, destructive, ruinous
    literary malefic, maleficent
    [Antonyms] good, beneficial
  • 3 his army suffered in the evil weather
    unpleasant, disagreeable, nasty, horrible, foul, filthy, vile;
    inclement, wet, rainy, stormy, squally, blustery, cold, freezing, foggy
    [Antonyms] pleasant, fine
  • 4 she helped those who had fallen on evil times
  • noun

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  • 2 nothing but evil would come out of such a meeting
    harm, pain, hurt, misery, sorrow, suffering, trauma, trouble, disaster, detriment, destruction, loss, misfortune, catastrophe, calamity, affliction, woe, ruin, hardship;
    [Antonyms] benefit
  • 3 the evils of war
    abomination, atrocity, obscenity, outrage, enormity, crime, monstrosity, barbarity, barbarism;
    torment, curse, bane
    [Antonyms] blessing
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