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Synonyms of excuse in English:


  • 1 eventually she excused him, as she always did
    forgive, pardon, absolve, exonerate, acquit;
    make allowances for
    rare exculpate
    [Antonyms] punish, blame
  • 2 such conduct can never be excused
    justify, defend, make excuses for, make a case for, explain (away), rationalize, condone, vindicate, warrant;
    mitigate, palliate;
    forgive, overlook, disregard, ignore, pass over, turn a blind eye to, turn a deaf ear to, wink at, blink at, indulge, tolerate, sanction
    rare extenuate
    [Antonyms] condemn
  • 3 she has been excused from her duties for now
    let off, release, relieve, exempt, spare, absolve, free, liberate
    rare dispense
    [Antonyms] hold to
  • noun

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  • 1 that's no excuse for stealing
    justification, defence, reason, explanation, mitigating circumstances, mitigation, extenuation, palliation, vindication;
  • 2 he needed an excuse to get away from his family
    pretext, ostensible reason, pretence, front, cover-up, fabrication, evasion
    informal story, alibi, line, cop-out
    British informal get-out
  • 3 informal that pathetic excuse for a man!
    travesty of, apology for, poor specimen of, pitiful example of, mockery of;
    pale shadow of, poor imitation of
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    excuse, forgive, pardon, condone
    See forgive
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