Synonyms of experience in English:



  • 1 salary will be commensurate with qualifications and experience
    skill, practical knowledge, practice; training, learning, education, grounding, knowledge, understanding, wisdom, professionalism; background, record, history, past; maturity, worldliness, sophistication, suaveness; Frenchsavoir faire
    informal know-how
  • 2 an enjoyable experience
    incident, occurrence, event, happening, affair, episode, encounter; adventure, exploit, escapade; circumstance, case; test, trial, ordeal
  • 3 David gained his first experience of business with his father and brothers
    involvement in, participation in; contact with, acquaintance with, exposure to; observation of, awareness of; familiarity with, conversance with, understanding of, impression of, insight into
  • verb

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  • policemen can experience harassment and distress
    undergo, encounter, meet, have experience of, come into contact with, run into, come across, come up against, face, be faced with, confront, be forced to contend with; feel, know, become familiar with; live/go through, sustain, suffer, endure, tolerate; participate in, taste, try
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    empirical based on experience rather than theory or logic

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