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Synonyms of expression in English:


  • 1 the government refused to allow the free expression of opposition views
  • 2 he raised his eyebrows in an expression of sympathy
    indication, intimation, demonstration, show, exhibition, manifestation, token;
    conveyance, communication, illustration, revelation, disclosure, embodiment
  • 3 Blanche invariably wore an expression of harassed fatigue
    look, appearance, air, manner, bearing, countenance, guise, cast, aspect, impression
    formal mien
  • 4 the old expression ‘curiosity killed the cat’
    idiom, phrase, idiomatic expression, set phrase;
    proverb, saying, adage, maxim, axiom, aphorism, saw, motto, platitude, cliché, quotation, quote, formula;
    term, word
    informal old chestnut
    formal locution
  • 5 the height of poetic expression
    diction, style, choice of words, turn of phrase, wording, phrasing, phraseology, language;
    delivery, execution;
    speech, intonation
  • 6 these pieces are very different from one another, both in choice of instruments and expression
    emotion, feeling, passion, intensity, poignancy;
    style, intonation, tone, nuance;
    artistry, depth, spirit, imagination;
    vividness, ardour, power, force
  • 7 essential oils obtained by distillation or expression
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