Synonyms of extravagance in English:



  • 1 the sumptuous sofa had been bought in a fit of extravagance
    profligacy, lack of thrift, unthriftiness, thriftlessness, improvidence, wastefulness, waste, overspending, prodigality, squandering, lavishness; immoderation, excess, recklessness, lack of restraint, irresponsibility; spendthrift behaviour, free-spending ways
    [Antonyms] thrift
  • 2 the costliest brands are an extravagance
    luxury, indulgence, self-indulgence, comfort, treat, extra, non-essential, frill, refinement
    [Antonyms] necessity
  • 3 the extravagance of the decor
    ornateness, elaborateness, decoration, embellishment, adornment, ornamentation, showiness; overstatement, ostentation, exaggeration, over-elaborateness
    [Antonyms] plainness
  • 4 the extravagance of his compliments
    excessiveness, exaggeration, exaggeratedness, unreservedness, outrageousness, immoderation; preposterousness, absurdity, irrationality, recklessness, wildness; excess, overkill, lack of restraint/reserve
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