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Synonyms of eye in English:


  • 1 he rubbed his eyes wearily
    organ of sight, eyeball
    informal peeper
    literary orb
    archaic or humorous optic
    rare globe
  • 2 (eyes) his sharp eyes had missed nothing
    eyesight, vision, sight, power of sight, faculty of sight, ability to see, power of seeing, powers of observation, observation, perception, visual perception
  • 3 shoppers with an eye for a bargain
    appreciation, awareness, alertness, perception, discernment, discrimination, taste, judgement, recognition, consciousness, knowledge, understanding, comprehension, cognizance, feeling, sensitivity, instinct, intuition, nose
  • 4 her nervous movement did not escape his watchful eye
    watch, observance, lookout, gaze, stare, regard;
    observation, surveillance, vigilance, view, notice, contemplation, examination, inspection, study, scrutiny
  • 5 (also eyes) to desert was despicable in their eyes the picture quality is, to my eye, excellent
  • 6 the eye of a needle
  • 7 the eye of the storm
    [Antonyms] edge
  • Phrases

    an eye for an eye (and a tooth for a tooth)
    an eye for an eye simply escalates violence See revenge (sense 1 of the noun)
    clap/lay/set eyes on
    informal I have never clapped eyes on him before
    see, observe, notice, spot, sight, have sight of, spy, catch sight of, glimpse, catch/get a glimpse of, make out, discern, perceive, pick out, detect
    literary behold, espy, descry
    see eye to eye
    we don't always see eye to eye about things
    [Antonyms] disagree
    agree, concur, be in agreement, be of the same mind/opinion, be in accord, be in sympathy, sympathize, be united, think as one;
    be on the same wavelength, get on, get along, feel a rapport
    up to one's eyes
    not now, I'm afraid, I'm up to my eyes this morning
    very busy, fully occupied;
    overwhelmed, inundated, overloaded, overburdened, overworked, overtaxed, under pressure, hard-pressed, harassed, rushed/run off one's feet, with one's back to the wall
    informal pushed, up against it, up to here


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  • 1 he eyed the stranger suspiciously
    look at, see, observe, view, gaze at, gaze upon, stare at, scan, regard, contemplate, survey, inspect, examine, scrutinize, study, consider, glance at, take a glance at;
    watch, keep an eye on, keep under observation, keep watch on, keep under scrutiny, keep under surveillance, monitor, watch like a hawk, keep a weather eye on;
    informal have/take a gander at, have a squint at, get a load of, give someone/something a once-over, check out, gawp at, size up, keep a beady eye on, keep tabs on, keep a tab on
    British informal have/take a butcher's at, have/take a dekko at, have/take a shufti at, clock
    North American informal eyeball
    literary behold
    rare twig, surveil
    [Antonyms] ignore
  • 2 sometimes he would eye young women in the street
    ogle, leer at, stare at, gaze at, make eyes at, make sheep's eyes at
    informal eye up, give someone the glad eye, give someone a/the once-over, lech after/over, undress with one's eyes, give someone the come-on
    British informal gawp at, gawk at
    Australian/New Zealand informal perv on
  • Word links

    ocular, ophthalmic, optic relating to the eye
    ophthalmitis inflammation of the eye
    ophthalmology branch of medicine concerning the eye
    ophthalmometry measurement of the eye
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