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Synonyms of fail in English:


  • 1 they could not explain why the enterprise had failed
    be unsuccessful, not succeed, lack success, fall through, fall flat, break down, abort, miscarry, be defeated, suffer defeat, be in vain, be frustrated, collapse, founder, misfire, backfire, not come up to scratch, meet with disaster, come to grief, come to nothing, come to naught, miss the mark, run aground, go astray
    informal flop, fizzle out, flatline, come a cropper, bite the dust, bomb, blow up in someone's face, go down like a lead balloon
    [Antonyms] succeed
  • 2 he failed all his examinations
    be unsuccessful in, not pass;
    be found wanting, be found deficient, not make the grade, not pass muster, not come up to scratch, be rejected
    informal flunk
    [Antonyms] pass
  • 3 he felt that his friends had failed him
    let down, disappoint, break one's promise to, dash someone's hopes, fall short of someone's expectations;
    neglect, desert, abandon;
    betray, be disloyal to, be unfaithful to, break faith with, play someone false
    informal do the dirty on
    North American informal bail on
    archaic forsake
    [Antonyms] support
  • 4 the crops failed
    be deficient, be wanting, be lacking, fall short, be insufficient, be inadequate;
    not come to ripeness, wither
    [Antonyms] thrive
  • 5 they went to bed when the daylight failed
    fade, grow less, grow dim, dim, die away, dwindle, wane, disappear, vanish, peter out, dissolve
  • 6 the ventilation system failed
    break down, break, stop working, cease to function, cut out, stop, stall, crash, give out;
    malfunction, act up, go wrong, develop a fault, be faulty, be defective
    informal conk out, go kaput, go phut, give up the ghost, go on the blink, be on the blink
    British informal pack up, play up
    [Antonyms] work, be in working order
  • 7 Ceri's health was failing
    [Antonyms] improve
  • 8 there are 900 businesses failing a week
    collapse, crash, go under, go bankrupt, become insolvent, go into receivership, be in the hands of the receivers, go into liquidation, cease trading, cease production, be closed, be shut down, close down, be wound up
    informal fold, flop, go bust, go broke, go bump, go to the wall, go belly up
    [Antonyms] thrive
  • noun

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    without fail
    she went to Mass every Sunday without fail
    without exception, unfailingly, constantly, regularly, invariably, dependably, conscientiously, reliably, faithfully, predictably, punctually, religiously, whatever happened, always
    informal like clockwork
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