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Synonyms of failure in English:


  • 1 the failure of the assassination attempt
    [Antonyms] success
  • 2 every one of his schemes had been a failure
    fiasco, debacle, catastrophe, disaster, blunder, vain attempt, abortion, defeat;
    British  damp squib
    informal flop, botch, hash, foul-up, screw-up, washout, let-down, dead loss, dead duck, lead balloon, lemon, fail
    British informal cock-up, pig's ear
    North American informal snafu, clinker
    vulgar slang fuck-up, balls-up
    [Antonyms] success
  • 3 I was regarded by everyone as a failure
    [Antonyms] success
  • 4 he felt guilty for what seemed like a failure in duty
    omission, neglect, oversight
  • 5 any crop failure could affect a farming business
  • 6 he was puzzled by the failure of the camera
    malfunction, faultiness;
    informal conking out
    British informal playing up
  • 7 the failure of several state-owned companies
    collapse, crash, going under, bankruptcy, insolvency, liquidation, close-down, closure, closing, shutting down, winding up, termination;
    decline, failing, foundering, sinking, ruin, ruination
    informal folding, flop
    [Antonyms] success
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