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faithful, loyal, constant, true
All these words are used to describe an unwavering commitment to someone or something.Someone who is faithful shows unchanging affection or support for a person or cause, often in the face of difficulty or some temptation to desert. It can refer to marital fidelity ( he has been faithful to his wife for 42 years ) or religious faith ( faithful Jews were required to make the pilgrimage to Jerusalem three times a year ) and is used informally of inanimate objects regarded as absolutely reliable ( he drove his faithful Toyota overland from Saudi Arabia ).Loyal typically refers to allegiance to a superior or employer ( he proved to be a loyal subject of the king | a loyal workforce ) or support for a business or other organization ( we look forward to providing our loyal customers with a first-class service ). A loyal friend will show unwavering support, particularly in standing by one in the face of criticism or hostility from others.Constant is a rather literary term for unchanging and utterly reliable fidelity ( they are constant and dependable, consistently dispensing happiness ).True has a rather archaic ring when used to convey fidelity ( she is as true to me as the day is long ), since the sense tends to merge with the sense ‘real’ ( a true friend ). It is also used in the phrase true to ( true to his word, he schooled her in horsemanship ).

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