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Synonyms of fall in English:


  • 1 bombers screamed above and bombs began to fall
    drop, drop down, plummet, descend, come down, go down, plunge, sink, dive, nosedive, tumble, pitch;
    [Antonyms] rise
  • 2 he lost his balance and fell
    topple over, tumble over, keel over, fall down, fall over, go head over heels, go end over end, fall headlong, go headlong, collapse, fall in a heap, take a spill, pitch forward;
    trip, trip over, stumble, stagger, slip, slide
    informalcome a cropper, go for six
    [Antonyms] get up
  • 3 inflation is expected to fall
    decrease, decline, diminish, fall off, drop off, go down, grow less, lessen, dwindle;
    plummet, plunge, slump, sink;
    depreciate, decrease in value, lose value, decline in price, cheapen, devalue
    informalhit the floor, go through the floor, nosedive, take a nosedive, take a header, go into a tailspin, crash
    [Antonyms] rise, increase
  • 4 the Mogul empire fell several centuries later
    [Antonyms] flourish
  • 5 a monument to those who fell in the Civil War
    die, be killed, be slain, be a casualty, be a fatality, be lost, lose one's life, perish, drop dead, meet one's end, meet one's death
    informalbite the dust, croak, buy it
    British informalsnuff it, peg out
    North American informalbite the big one
  • 6 the town fell to the barbarians
    be overthrown by, be taken by, be defeated by, be conquered by, be overcome by, be overwhelmed by, lose one's position to, pass into the hands of, fall victim to
    [Antonyms] resist
  • 7 Easter falls on 23rd April
  • 8 he waited for night to fall
    come, arrive, appear, occur, arise, materialize
  • 9 my grandmother fell ill
    become, come/get to be, grow, get, turn
  • 10 more of the domestic tasks may fall to him
    be the responsibility of, be the duty of, be borne by, be one's job, be one's task;
    come someone's way
  • Phrases

    fall about laughing

    I didn't know whether to get angry or fall about laughing
    guffaw, chuckle, chortle, cackle, howl, roar, ha-ha, fall about, roar/hoot with laughter, shake with laughter, be convulsed with laughter, dissolve into laughter, split one's sides, be doubled up
    informalbe in stitches, die laughing, be rolling in the aisles, laugh like a drain, bust a gut, break up, be creased up, crease up, crack up

    fall apart

  • 1 my boots fell apart
    disintegrate, fragment, break up, break apart, crumble, dissolve, degenerate, decay, moulder, perish;
    go downhill, go to rack and ruin
    [Antonyms] remain intact
  • 2 I was gentle with him when he fell apart
    break down, have a breakdown, go to pieces, fall to pieces, lose control, lose one's self-control, crumble
    informalcrack up, freak, freak out
  • fall asleep

    Claire tried not to fall asleep
    [Antonyms] stay awake, wake up
    North American informalsack out, zone out

    fall away

    the ground fell away abruptly
    [Antonyms] rise
    slope down, slope, slant down, go down, incline downwards, tilt downwards, drop away, drop, descend, dip, sink, plunge

    fall back

    the force of her blow caused him to fall back
    [Antonyms] advance
    retreat, withdraw, back off, draw back, pull back, pull away, move away, retire, pull out;
    turn tail, flee, take flight, beat a (hasty) retreat

    fall back on

    you can always fall back on the support of relatives
    resort to, turn to, look to, call on, call into play, call into action, call into service, press into service, have recourse to, make use of, use, employ;

    fall behind

  • 1 she walked so fast that the others soon fell behind
    lag, lag behind, trail, trail behind, be left behind, fall back, drop back, not keep up, lose one's place, not keep pace, bring up the rear;
    straggle, dally, dawdle, hang back, drag one's feet, take one's time
    [Antonyms] overtake
  • 2 customers fell behind on their payments
    get into debt, get into arrears, default, be in the red, be late, be overdue;
    not keep up with
    [Antonyms] be up to date
  • fall down

  • 1 I spin round and round till I fall down
    fall over, fall, topple over, tumble down, keel over, collapse, fall in a heap, trip, take a spill, stumble, stagger
    informalcome a cropper, go for six
  • 2 the federation fell down in some areas
    fail, be unsuccessful, not succeed, lack success, not make the grade, not come up to expectations, fall short, fall flat, disappoint;
    miss the mark, run aground, go astray, suffer defeat
    informalcome a cropper, flop
    [Antonyms] come through, succeed
  • fall for

  • 1 she fell for a younger man
    fall in love with, become infatuated with, lose one's heart to, take a liking to, take a fancy to, be smitten by, be attracted to, desire
    informalfancy, be turned on by, have the hots for
  • 2 Jenkins is far too astute to fall for that trick
    be deceived by, be duped by, be fooled by, be taken in by, accept, believe, trust, be convinced by, have confidence in
    informalgo for, buy, swallow, {swallow something hook, line, and sinker}, take something as gospel
  • fall in

  • 1 the roof of our house fell in
    collapse, cave in, come down about one's ears, crash in, fall down;
    subside, sag, slump, sink inwards;
    [Antonyms] hold up
  • 2 he ordered his troops to fall in
    get in formation, get in line, line up, take one's position, get in order, get into rows/columns;
    Military dress
    British informalform a crocodile
    [Antonyms] fall out
  • fall into place

  • 1 it was at this point that everything began to fall into place
    become clear, come home to one, make sense, dawn, register, get through, sink in
  • 2 almost miraculously, the pieces fell into place
    take shape, come together, take form, become definite
  • fall in with

  • 1 he fell in with a bad crowd
    get involved with, take up with, join up with, go around with, string along with, become friendly with, make friends with, strike up a friendship with, start seeing, make the acquaintance of
    informalhang out with, hang about with, knock about/around with
  • 2 he refused to fall in with their demands
    [Antonyms] disobey
  • fall off

    the amount of container shipping has fallen off
    [Antonyms] increase
    decrease, decline, diminish, drop off, go down, go downhill, grow less, lessen, dwindle, plummet, plunge, slump, sink
    informalhit the floor, go through the floor, nosedive, take a nosedive, take a header, go into a tailspin, crash

    fall on

  • 1 the army fell on the besiegers
    attack, assail, assault, make an assault on, fly at, let fly at, launch oneself at, set about, set upon, pounce upon, ambush, surprise, accost, rush, storm, charge
    British informalhave a go at
    North American informallight into
  • 2 the cost should not fall on the students
    be borne by, be carried by, be the responsibility of, be paid by
  • fall out

  • 1 let's not fall out over silly things
    quarrel, argue, row, fight, have a row, have a fight, squabble, bicker, have words, disagree, differ, have a difference of opinion, have a disagreement, be at odds, clash, wrangle, get into conflict, get into a dispute, cross swords, lock horns, be at loggerheads, be at each other's throats
    informalscrap, argufy, go at it hammer and tongs, argy-bargy
    Scottish archaicthreap
    [Antonyms] make up
  • 2 the soldier fell out without permission
    move out of formation, move out of line, get out of line, get out of formation;
    stand at ease
    [Antonyms] fall in
  • 3 it fell out that we lost
  • fall short

    the results fall short of what was expected
    [Antonyms] measure up (to)
    fail to meet, fail to reach, fail to live up to;
    be deficient, be inadequate, be insufficient, be wanting, be lacking, disappoint, fail, fail to live up to one's expectations
    informalnot come up to scratch

    fall through

    unfortunately the deal fell through
    [Antonyms] succeed
    fail, be unsuccessful, come to nothing, come to naught, fail to happen, miscarry, abort, go awry, be frustrated, collapse, founder, come to grief;
    come to a halt, grind to a halt, end, terminate
    informalfizzle out, flop, fold, come a cropper, blow up in someone's face, go down like a lead balloon

    fall to

    dated you must take off your coats and fall to See start (sense 4 of the verb)


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  • 1 he had an accidental fall
    informalnosedive, header, cropper
  • 2 September's reports showed a fall in sales
    decline, fall-off, drop, dropping off, decrease, cut, lessening, lowering, dip, diminishing, dwindling, reduction, plummet, plunge, slump, deterioration, downswing
    informalnosedive, crash, let-up
    [Antonyms] increase
  • 3 the fall of the Roman Empire
    downfall, ruin, ruination, collapse, failure, decline, deterioration, degeneration, destruction, overthrow, demise
    [Antonyms] rise
  • 4 the fall of the city to the enemy
    surrender, surrendering, capitulation, yielding, giving in, submission, acquiescence, succumbing, resignation, laying down of arms;
  • 5 there is a fall of some fifty feet down to the ocean
    descent, declivity, slope, downward slope, downward slant, incline;
    North American downgrade
    [Antonyms] ascent
  • 6 Christianity the Fall of Man
    sin, sinning, wrongdoing, transgression, error, yielding to temptation, offence, lapse, fall from grace, backsliding;
  • 7 (falls) they went on rafting trips below the falls
    Northern English force
    Scottish archaiclinn
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