Synonyms of familiar in English:



  • 1 I see a lot of familiar faces a familiar task
    well known, known, recognized, accustomed; common, everyday, day-to-day, ordinary, commonplace, frequent, habitual, usual, customary, repeated, routine, standard, stock, mundane, run-of-the-mill, conventional; household, domestic; Britishcommon or garden; North Americangarden variety
    informal bog-standard
    literary wonted
    [Antonyms] unfamiliar
  • 2 she was an old and familiar friend
    close, intimate, dear, near, confidential, bosom; friendly, neighbourly, sociable, amicable, easy
  • 3 he enjoyed the familiar atmosphere in their house
    informal, non-formal, casual, relaxed, comfortable, easy, free, free and easy, at ease, at home, friendly, unceremonious, unrestrained, unconstrained, unreserved, open, natural, simple, unpretentious
    [Antonyms] formal
  • 4 they object to him being familiar with the staff
    overfamiliar, unduly familiar, over-free, presumptuous, disrespectful, forward, bold, impudent, impertinent, intrusive; making passes at, chatting up, making advances towards
    informal pushy
    [Antonyms] formal
  • Phrases

    familiar with

    are you familiar with the subject?
    [Antonyms] unfamiliar with
    acquainted withconversant withversed ininformed aboutknowledgeable aboutwell informed aboutinstructed inskilled inproficient inat home withno stranger toau fait withau courant withapprised ofabreast ofup to date within touch with informalwell up onin the know aboutgenned up onclued in onclued up onplugged intoBritish informalswitched on to archaicware of

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