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Synonyms of famous in English:


  • a famous pop star
    well known, celebrated, prominent, famed, popular, having made a name for oneself;
    renowned, noted, notable, eminent, pre-eminent, leading, distinguished, esteemed, respected, venerable, august, of high standing, of distinction, of repute;
    illustrious, acclaimed, honoured, exalted, great, glorious, remarkable, signal, legendary, lionized, much publicized;
    notorious, infamous
    [Antonyms] unknown, obscure
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    famous, well known, celebrated, renowned
    Someone or something famous is known by large numbers of people and typically much admired ( Turner's famous painting ‘Rain, Steam, and Speed’). A famous landmark, however, may be widely recognized but little admired.Well known conveys the idea of being recognized by a large number of people but generally without the glamorous connotations of famous ( many well-known companies built ships). Someone may be well known without being admired, although the adjective itself (unlike notorious) does not carry any bad connotations.Celebrated suggests that someone or something is highly thought of ( a portrait of a celebrated actress | one of Rodin's most celebrated works). Something celebrated is not necessarily also famous— the celebrated book ‘Pedagogy of the Oppressed’ is highly regarded but is not known by a large group of people.Renowned means widely known and, in almost all cases, admired, and is a slightly more formal word than famous ( the nation and its people were renowned for fair play | many internationally renowned chefs). It is typically applied to a person, and when not directly to a person, then it often relates to something for which a person is professionally responsible and deserves credit ( Burgundy is renowned for its beef, poultry and wine).
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