Synonyms of far in English:



  • 1 not far from the palace a fine garden was built
    a long way, a great distance, a good way, afar
    [Antonyms] near
  • 2 the liveliness of the production far outweighs any flaws
    much, very much, considerably, markedly, immeasurably, decidedly, greatly, significantly, substantially, appreciably, noticeably, materially, signally; to a great extent/degree, by much, by a great amount, by a great deal, by a long way, by far, by a mile, easily
    [Antonyms] slightly
  • Phrases

    by far

    this would be by far the best solutionby a great amountby a good dealby a long way/chalk/shotby a milefar and awayundoubtedlydoubtlesslywithout doubtwithout questiondecidedlymarkedlypositivelyabsolutelyeasilyimmeasurablysignificantlysubstantiallyappreciablynoticeablymateriallybeyond the shadow of a doubtmuch informalas sure as eggs is eggs

    far and away

    they were far and away the most powerful union See by far

    far and near

    guests had travelled from far and near to be there See everywhere

    far and wide

    he was known far and wide See everywhere

    far from

    staff were far from happy with the outcomenotnot at allnowhere neara long way fromthe opposite of

    go far

    she was a girl who would go far
    [Antonyms] fail
    be successfulsucceedprosperflourishthriveget onget on in the worldmake goodmake one's way in the worldmake headway/progressgain advancementclimb the ladder of successrise in the worldset the world on fireBritishset the Thames on fire informalmake a name for oneselfmake one's markgo placesmake itmake the gradecut itget somewheredo all right for oneselfarrivefind a place in the sunbe someone

    go too far

    they locked him up because he went too fargo over the topgo to extremesgo overboardnot know when to stop

    so far

  • 1 nobody had taken any notice of me so far
    until now, up till/to now, up to this point, as yet, thus far, hitherto, up to the present, until/till the present, to date, by this time
  • 2 his liberalism only extends so far
    to a certain extent, to a limited extent, up to a point, to a degree, to some extent, within reason, within limits
  • adjective

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  • 1 he'd travelled to far places in the war
    distant, faraway, far off; remote, out of the way, far flung, far removed, outlying, obscure, isolated, cut-off, inaccessible, off the beaten track, in the back of beyond, godforsaken
    [Antonyms] near, neighbouring
  • 2 a building on the far side of the campus
    further, more distant; opposite
    [Antonyms] near
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