Synonyms of fate in English:



  • 1 I was ready for whatever fate had in store for me
    destiny, providence, God's will, nemesis, kismet, astral influence, the stars, what is written in the stars, one's lot in life; predestination, predetermination; chance, luck, serendipity, fortuity, fortune, hazard, Lady Luck, Dame Fortune; Hinduism & Buddhismkarma
    archaic dole, cup, heritage
  • 2 I didn't want to put my fate in someone else's hands
    future, destiny, outcome, issue, upshot, end, lot, due
    archaic doom, dole
  • 3 the authorities warned that a similar fate would befall other convicted killers
    death, demise, end, destruction, doom; ruin, downfall, undoing, finish, disaster, catastrophe; retribution, sentence
  • 4 (the Fates) the Fates might decide that it was his time to die
    the weird sisters; Roman Mythologythe Parcae; Greek Mythologythe Moirai; Scandinavian Mythologythe Norns
  • verb

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  • (be fated) his daughter was fated to face the same problem
    be predestined, be preordained, be foreordained, be destined, be meant, be doomed, be foredoomed, be cursed, be damned; be sure, be certain, be bound, be guaranteed; be inevitable, be inescapable, be ineluctable
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