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Synonyms of fault in English:


  • 1 he has his faults, but he's a good man
    [Antonyms] merit, strength
  • 2 engineers have still not located the fault
    defect, flaw, imperfection, snag;
    Computing  bug
    informal glitch, gremlin, slip-up, boob, boo-boo, clanger, howler, foul-up, snarl-up
    British informal cock-up
  • 3 it was my fault for being late
  • 4 don't blame one child for another's faults
  • Phrases

    at fault
    police say the driver was not at fault
    [Antonyms] innocent
    culpable, accountable, answerable;
    find fault with
    someone who enjoys finding fault with everything and putting people down See verb
    to a fault
    Barry's generous to a fault
    excessively, unduly, immoderately, overly, in the extreme, out of all proportion, overmuch, needlessly
    informal over the top, OTT


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  • you couldn't fault any of the players
    find fault with, find lacking;
    criticize, attack, censure, condemn, impugn, reproach, reprove, run down, take to task, haul over the coals;
    informal knock, slam, hammer, lay into, gripe about, beef about, bellyache about, bitch about, whinge about, nitpick over, pick holes in, sound off about
    British informal slag off, have a go at, give some stick to, slate, rubbish
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