Synonyms of favour in English:



  • 1 will you do me a favour?
    good turn, service, kind act, good deed, act of kindness, kindness, courtesy, indulgence; benefit, boon
    [Antonyms] disservice
  • 2 she looked on him with favour
    approval, approbation, commendation, esteem, goodwill, kindness, benevolence, friendliness
    [Antonyms] disfavour, disapproval
  • 3 they accused you of showing favour to one of the players
    favouritism, bias, partiality, unfair preference, prejudice, partisanship, one-sidedness
  • 4 serve the king well and you shall receive his favour
  • 5 archaic I am your lady and you shall wear my favours
    ribbon, rosette, badge; token, token of affection, token of esteem; keepsake, souvenir, memento
    archaic remembrancer
  • Phrases

    in favour

    the firm remains in favour with investorspopularwell likedlikedfavouredwell receivedapprovedadmiredacceptedwelcomesought-afterin demanddesiredwanted

    in favour of

    two thirds of them were in favour of a strike
    [Antonyms] against
    on the side ofproforall forgiving support togiving backing toright behindencouraging ofapproving ofsympathetic to

    out of favour

    a company that is out of favour with the stock market
    [Antonyms] in favour
    in disgraceunpopularin bad odour informalin someone's bad/black booksin the doghouseNew Zealand informalin the dogbox


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  • 1 the party favours reform of the electoral system
    advocate, recommend, advise, subscribe to, approve of, look on with favour, be in favour of, support, back, champion; campaign for, stand up for, argue for, press for, lobby for, urge, promote, espouse, endorse, sanction, vouch for
    informal plug, push
    [Antonyms] oppose
  • 2 Robyn favours loose dark clothes
    prefer, go in for, go for, choose, opt for, select, pick, plump for, single out, incline towards, lean towards, be partial to, like
    informal fancy
    [Antonyms] dislike
  • 3 he was angry that his father always favoured George
    show favouritism towards, have a bias towards, treat with partiality, have as a favourite, think more highly of, hold in higher regard; indulge, pamper, spoil
  • 4 the conditions favoured the other team
    benefit, be to the advantage of, be advantageous to, oblige, help, assist, aid, lend a hand to, advance, abet, succour, serve, be of service to, do someone a favour, meet the needs of
    [Antonyms] hinder
  • 5 he favoured Lucy with a smile
    oblige, accommodate, gratify, satisfy, humour, indulge, pander to, put oneself out for; honour
  • 6 informal Travis favours our father in colouring See resemble
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