Synonyms of feel in English:



  • 1 she encourages her customers to feel the fabrics
    touch, stroke, caress, fondle, finger, thumb, handle, manipulate, fiddle with, play with, toy with, maul; put one's hand on, lay a finger on
    informal paw
  • 2 she felt a steady breeze on her back
    perceive, sense, detect, discern, make out, notice, observe, identify; be sensible of, have a sensation of, be aware of, be conscious of
  • 3 the patient does not feel pain during the procedure
    experience, undergo, go through, bear, endure, suffer, be forced to contend with; know, have
  • 4 he began to feel his way towards the door
    grope, fumble, scrabble, pick, poke, explore
  • 5 feel the temperature of the water
    test, try, try out, assess
  • 6 he feels that he should go to the meeting
    believe, think, consider it right, consider, fancy, be of the opinion, hold, maintain, judge, deem; suspect, suppose, assume, presume, conclude, come to the conclusion that; North Americanfigure
    informal reckon
    [Antonyms] doubt
  • 7 I feel that he is only biding his time
    sense, have a feeling, get the impression, feel in one's bones, have a hunch, have a funny feeling, just know, intuit
  • 8 the air feels damp
    seem, appear, strike one as
  • Phrases

    feel for

    the press persecuted John and I felt for himsympathize withbe sorry forpityfeel pity forfeel sympathy forfeel compassion forempathize withidentify withbe moved byweep forgrieve forsorrow forcommiserate withcondole with archaiccompassion

    feel like

    I feel like an ice creamwantwould likewish fordesirefancyfeel in need offeel the need forlong forcravehanker afterpine forthirst forbe desperate forbe bent on informalhave a yen foryen forbe dying for


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  • 1 in murky water the divers work by feel
    touch, sense of touch, tactile sense, tactility, feeling, feeling one's way, contact; texture
  • 2 he liked the feel of the paper
    texture, surface, finish, grain, nap; weight, thickness, consistency; quality, character
  • 3 lighting can radically alter the feel of a room
    atmosphere, ambience, aura, mood, feeling, air, impression, climate, character, overtone, undertone, tenor, spirit, quality, flavour, colour
    informal vibrations, vibes, vibe
    rare subcurrent
  • 4 he has a real feel for the language
    aptitude, knack, flair, bent, talent, gift, art, trick, faculty, ability, propensity, inclination; head, mind, brain
    informal know-how
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