Synonyms of fiddle in English:




  • 1 their feet moved in time with the fiddle
    historical kit
  • 2 the men were involved in a major VAT fiddle
    fraud, swindle, fix, wangle, confidence trick, ruse, wile, piece of deception, bit of sharp practice
    informal racket, con trick, flimflam, sting
  • verb

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  • 1 he fiddled with a beer mat
    fidget, play, toy, twiddle, fuss, fool about/around, trifle;
    finger, thumb, handle, feel, touch;
    waste time, act aimlessly
    informal mess about/around, paw
  • 2 he fiddled with some dials and buttons
    tinker, play about/around, tamper, meddle, interfere, monkey;
  • 3 the government is trying to fiddle the figures
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