Synonyms of firm in English:



  • 1 the ground is fairly firm
    hard, solid, unyielding, resistant; solidified, hardened; compacted, compressed, condensed, dense, close-grained; stiff, rigid, inflexible, inelastic; congealed, frozen, set, gelled; stony, steely
    literary adamantine
    [Antonyms] soft yielding
  • 2 no building can stand without firm foundations
    secure, secured, stable, steady, strong, sturdy, fixed, fast, set, taut, established, tight; immovable, irremovable, unshakeable; stationary, motionless; anchored, moored, rooted, embedded; riveted, braced, cemented, nailed, tied
    [Antonyms] unstable
  • 3 a firm handshake
    strong, vigorous, sturdy, robust, forceful
    [Antonyms] limp
  • 4 I was very firm about what I wanted to do he was a firm supporter of the National Democratic Party
    [Antonyms] irresolute
  • 5 she became a firm friend of the couple
    close, good, boon, intimate, confidential, inseparable, dear, special, fast, valued, treasured, cherished; constant, enduring, abiding, devoted, loving, faithful, durable, reliable, deep-rooted, long-standing, long-lasting, steady, steadfast, stable, staunch
    [Antonyms] distant
  • 6 she had no firm plans for the next day
    definite, fixed, settled, decided, established, confirmed, agreed, exact, clear-cut, concrete, hard and fast; unalterable, unchangeable, irreversible, writ in stone
    [Antonyms] indefinite
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