Synonyms of first in English:



  • 1 the first chapter of Genesis
    earliest, initial, opening, introductory, original
    [Antonyms] last, closing
  • 2 the management decided to start from first principles
    [Antonyms] developed
  • 3 his first priority would be law and order
    pre-eminent, overriding, outstanding, supreme, premier, predominant, prevailing, most important, of greatest importance, of prime importance;
    vital, key, essential, crucial, central, core, focal, pivotal, dominant;
    ruling, head
    informal number-one
    [Antonyms] last
  • 4 he is hoping to win the £3,000 first prize
    top, best, prime, premier, superlative;
    winner's, winning, champion
  • adverb

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  • 1 they went back to the room they had first entered
    at first, to begin with, at the beginning/start, first of all, at the outset, initially
  • 2 she would eat first, she decided
    [Antonyms] last
  • 3 she longed to go abroad, but not at this man's expense—she'd die first!
    in preference, more willingly, sooner, rather
  • noun

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  • 1 from the first, surrealism was theatrical
    the beginning, the very beginning, the start, the outset, the commencement
    informal the word go, square one, the off
    [Antonyms] the end
  • 2 informal we travelled by air, a first for both of us
    novelty, new experience, first experience, first occurrence, unusual event
    informal a turn-up for the books
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    proto- related prefix, as in prototype, protohuman
    ur- related prefix, as in urtext

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