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Synonyms of fish in English:


  • 1 some people were fishing in the lake
    go fishing, angle, cast, trawl
  • 2 she opened her handbag and fished for her purse
    grope, ferret (about/around), root about/around, rummage (about/around/round), scrabble, fumble;
    seek, look high and low
  • 3 I'm not fishing for compliments
    try to get, seek to obtain, solicit;
    make a bid, angle, aim, cast about/around/round, hope, look
    informal be after
  • Phrases

    fish something out
    they fished him out of the water
    remove, extricate, extract, retrieve;

    Word links

    ichthyo-, pisci- related prefixes
    fry2 young fish
    school2, run collective noun
    ichthyology study of fish
    pisciculture, mariculture fish farming
    piscivorous fish-eating
    ichthyophobia fear of fish
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