Synonyms of flannel in English:



  • 1British she dabbed her face with a cold flannel
    facecloth, cloth;
    North American washcloth, washrag;
    Australian washer
  • 2British informal don't accept any flannel from salespeople
    prevarication, hedging, equivocation, evasion, double-talk, doublespeak;
    nonsense, rubbish
    informal spiel, soft soap, sweet talk, buttering up, weasel words, baloney, rot, waffle, hot air, poppycock, tripe, bosh, bunk
    Irish informal codology
    Australian/New Zealand informal guyver, smoodging
    [Antonyms] straight-talking
  • verb

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  • British informal she can tell if you're flannelling
    use flattery, talk blarney, flatter, pull the wool over someone's eyes;
    prevaricate, hedge, equivocate, be evasive, vacillate, blather, evade/dodge the issue, stall;
    British hum and haw
    informal waffle, shilly-shally, soft-soap, sweet-talk, butter someone up, pussyfoot around
    North American informal fast-talk
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