Synonyms of flavour in English:



  • 1 the slightly sweet flavour of prosciutto
    taste, savour, tang, relish, palate
    rare sapor
  • 2 salami can give extra flavour to spaghetti sauces
    flavouring, seasoning, tastiness, tang, tanginess, interest, relish, bite, piquancy, pungency, savour, smack, spice, spiciness, sharpness, zest, raciness, edge
    informal zing, zip, punch
    [Antonyms] blandness
  • 3 the tournament had a strong international flavour
    character, quality, feel, feeling, ambience, atmosphere, aura, air, mood, aspect, tone, tenor, complexion, style, stamp, property; element, vein, strand, streak; spirit, essence, soul, nature, heart
    informal vibe
  • 4 this excerpt will give a flavour of the report
    impression, indication, suggestion, hint, taste, nuance
  • Phrases

    flavour of the month

    informal he's flavour of the month in Tinseltownall the ragethe latest thingthe fashionthe trendin voguein (great) demanda flash in the pana one-hit wonder informalhotincoolBritish informal, datedall the go


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  • many cuisines use spices to flavour their foods
    add flavour to, add flavouring to, season, spice (up), add seasoning/herbs/spices to, add piquancy to, ginger up, enrich, enliven, liven up
    informal spike, pep up
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