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Synonyms of flesh in English:


  • 1 you're as thin as a rake—you need a sight more flesh on your bones
    muscle, tissue, muscle tissue, meat, brawn
    informal beef
  • 2 the villagers used to eat turtle eggs and flesh
  • 3 Mrs Barnet carried too much flesh on her small frame
    fat, weight, obesity, corpulence;
    Anatomy  adipose tissue
    informal blubber, flab
  • 4 cut the melon in half and scoop out the flesh
    pulp, soft part, fleshy part, marrow, meat
  • 5 (the flesh) a fierce inner struggle against the pleasures of the flesh
    the body, the human body, human nature, man's physical nature, physicality, corporeality, carnality, animality;
    sensuality, sensualism, sexuality
  • Phrases

    one's (own) flesh and blood
    the child was after all their own flesh and blood
    informal folks, nearest and dearest
    dated people
    in the flesh
    he seems just as charming in the flesh as on television
    [Antonyms] on screen
    in person, before one's eyes, in front of one, before one's very eyes, in one's presence;
    in real life, in actual life, live;
    physically, bodily, in bodily/human form, incarnate
    put flesh on the bones of
    Parliament will soon put flesh on the bones of the principle by drafting a law See flesh something out


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    flesh out
    the once lean physique had fleshed out
    [Antonyms] slim
    put on weight, gain weight, get heavier, grow fat/fatter, fatten up, get fat, fill out;
    thicken, widen, broaden, expand, spread out
    flesh something out
    the shadow chancellor tried to flesh out his party's economic philosophy
    [Antonyms] condense
    expand (on), elaborate on, add to, build on, add flesh to, put flesh on (the bones of), add detail to, expatiate on, supplement, reinforce, augment, extend, broaden, develop, fill out, enlarge on, embellish, embroider, enhance, amplify, refine, improve, polish, perfect

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    carn- related prefix, as in carnivore, carnosaur
    sarc- related prefix, as in sarcoma, sarcophagus
    carnivorous flesh-eating
    selaphobia fear of flesh
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