Synonyms of flesh in English:



  • 1 you're as thin as a rake—you need a sight more flesh on your bones
    muscle, tissue, muscle tissue, meat, brawn
    informal beef
  • 2 the villagers used to eat turtle eggs and flesh
  • 3 Mrs Barnet carried too much flesh on her small frame
    fat, weight, obesity, corpulence; Anatomyadipose tissue
    informal blubber, flab
  • 4 cut the melon in half and scoop out the flesh
    pulp, soft part, fleshy part, marrow, meat
  • 5 (the flesh) a fierce inner struggle against the pleasures of the flesh
    the body, the human body, human nature, man's physical nature, physicality, corporeality, carnality, animality; sensuality, sensualism, sexuality
  • Phrases

    one's (own) flesh and blood

    the child was after all their own flesh and bloodfamilyrelative(s)relation(s)blood relation(s)family member(s)kinnext of kinkinsfolkkinsmankinsmenkinswomankinswomenkindredconnection(s) informalfolksnearest and dearest datedpeople

    in the flesh

    he seems just as charming in the flesh as on television
    [Antonyms] on screen
    in personbefore one's eyesin front of onebefore one's very eyesin one's presencein real lifein actual lifelivephysicallybodilyin bodily/human formincarnate

    put flesh on the bones of

    Parliament will soon put flesh on the bones of the principle by drafting a law See flesh something out


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    flesh out

    the once lean physique had fleshed out
    [Antonyms] slim
    put on weightgain weightget heaviergrow fat/fatterfatten upget fatfill outthickenwidenbroadenexpandspread out

    flesh something out

    the shadow chancellor tried to flesh out his party's economic philosophy
    [Antonyms] condense
    expand (on)elaborate onadd tobuild onadd flesh toput flesh on (the bones of)add detail toexpatiate onsupplementreinforceaugmentextendbroadendevelopfill outenlarge onembellishembroiderenhanceamplifyrefineimprovepolishperfect

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    carn- related prefix, as in carnivore, carnosaur
    sarc- related prefix, as in sarcoma, sarcophagus
    carnivorous flesh-eating
    selaphobia fear of flesh

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