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Synonyms of flop in English:


  • 1 he flopped into a chair
    collapse, slump, crumple, subside, sink, drop, fall, tumble
  • 2 his blonde hair flopped over his eyes
    hang (down), drop, hang loosely/limply, dangle, droop, sag, flap, loll
  • 3 informal the play flopped
    be unsuccessful, fail, not work, fall flat, founder, misfire, backfire, be a disappointment, do badly, lose money, be a disaster, meet with disaster, come to grief, miss the mark, run aground
    informal bomb, bellyflop, fold, flatline, go to the wall, come a cropper, go down like a lead balloon, bite the dust, blow up in someone's face
    North American informal tank
    [Antonyms] be successful
  • noun

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  • informal the play was a flop
    failure, disaster, debacle, catastrophe, loser;
    British  damp squib
    informal flopperoo, washout, also-ran, bellyflop, dud, dog, lemon, lead balloon, no-hoper, no-go, non-starter, fail
    North American  clinker
    [Antonyms] success
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