Synonyms of fluid in English:



  • he designed instruments to measure the flow of fluids
    flowing substance; liquid, watery substance, moisture, solution, juice, sap; gas, gaseous substance, vapour
    [Antonyms] solid
  • adjective

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  • 1 in fluid magmas, these gas bubbles can expand freely
    flowing, able to flow easily; liquid, liquefied, melted, molten, uncongealed, running; gaseous, gassy
    technical fluxional
    [Antonyms] solid
  • 2 at this stage his plans were still fluid
    adaptable, flexible, adjustable, open-ended, open, open to change, changeable, not fixed, not settled, variable, versatile
    [Antonyms] firm
  • 3 take advantage of our fluid state to let us know what you think the magazine should look like
    fluctuating, changeable, subject/likely to change, unsteady, shifting, ever-shifting, mobile, inconstant; unstable, unsettled, turbulent, volatile, mercurial, protean, kaleidoscopic, knife-edge, explosive
    [Antonyms] static
  • 4 he stood up in one fluid movement
    free-flowing, flowing, fluent, smooth, effortless, easy, natural, unbroken, uninterrupted, continuous; graceful, elegant; regular, rhythmic
    [Antonyms] jerky
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    fluid, liquid
    See liquid

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