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Synonyms of fool in English:


  • 1 you've acted like a complete fool
    Scottish informal nyaff, balloon, sumph, gowk
    Irish informal gobdaw
    Australian/New Zealand informal drongo, dill, alec, galah, nong, bogan, poon, boofhead
    US informal wing nut
    South African informal mompara
    British vulgar slang knobhead
    North American vulgar slang asshat
  • 2 she always makes a fool of him
    informal stooge, sucker, mug, fall guy
    North American informal sap
  • 3 historical the fool in King James's court
    jester, court jester, clown, buffoon, comic, joker, jokester, zany, merry andrew;
    wearer of the motley, harlequin, Pierrot, Punchinello, Pantaloon
  • verb

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  • 1 he found he'd been fooled by a schoolboy
    swindle, defraud, cheat, double-cross
    British informal sell a pup to
    North American informal sucker, snooker, stiff, euchre, bunco, hornswoggle
    Australian informal pull a swifty on
    rare cozen, sharp, mulct
  • 2 she screamed but they thought she was fooling
    pretend, make believe, feign, put on an act, act, sham, fake, counterfeit;
    tease, joke, jest, play tricks, clown about/around, play the fool
    informal kid, mess about/around
    British informal wind someone up, have someone on, muck someone about/around
  • 3 she fooled around with a bunch of keys while she spoke
    fiddle, play (about/around), toy, trifle, meddle, tamper, interfere, monkey about/around
    British informal muck about/around
  • 4 informal my husband's been fooling around behind my back
    philander, womanize, flirt, have an affair, commit adultery
    informal play around, mess about/around, carry on, play the field, play away, sleep around, swing
    vulgar slang screw around
    rare coquet
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