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Synonyms of form in English:


  • 1 the general form of the landscape was well established before the glaciations
    shape, configuration, formation, conformation, structure, construction, arrangement, disposition, appearance, outward form/appearance, exterior;
  • 2 the human form
    body, shape, figure, silhouette, proportions, stature, build, frame, physique, anatomy
    informal vital statistics, chassis, bod
  • 3 as a dramatist he was a perfectionist about the form of his work
    structure, arrangement, construction, framework, format, layout, design, organization, system, planning, order, orderliness, symmetry, proportion
    [Antonyms] content
  • 4 many of these diseases take the form of persistent infections
    manifestation, appearance, embodiment, incarnation, semblance, shape, guise, character, description, expression
  • 5 sponsorship is a form of advertising
    species, genus, family, generation, breed, strain, denomination
    technical phylum
  • 6 put the mixture into a form
    mould, cast, shape, matrix, die, pattern
  • 7 Are fish knives passé? What is the correct form?
    etiquette, social practice, custom, usage, use, habit, wont, protocol, procedure, rules, convention, tradition, fashion, style, routine, ritual, pattern, regimen, policy, method, system, way, rule, formula, set formula;
    formal praxis
  • 8 they handed her a form to fill in
    questionnaire, document, coupon, tear-off slip, sheet of paper, paper;
  • 9 what form is your daughter in?
    class, year, school group, tutor group, set, stream, band;
    North American  grade
  • 10 he has been working hard to get into top form for the Olympics
    fitness, physical fitness, condition, fettle, shape, trim, health, state of health
    British informal nick
  • 11British informal he must have form—I'd swear he's been in prison
    a criminal record, a police record, previous convictions, a history of crime
    informal previous
  • 12British people sat on forms by wooden tables
    bench, long seat, pew, settle, stall
  • Phrases

    good form
    it is not good form to leave visitors on their own
    [Antonyms] bad form
    good manners, manners, polite behaviour, correct behaviour, acceptable conduct, convention, etiquette, protocol
    informal the done thing


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  • 1 the urns were formed from unbaked clay
  • 2 he formed a plan to write about the period
    formulate, devise, conceive, work out, think up, prepare, make ready, get ready, work up, lay, draw up, put together, produce, fashion, concoct, construct, frame, forge, hatch, develop, organize
    informal dream up
  • 3 they plan to form a new company
    set up, devise, establish, found, launch, float, create, bring into being, put in place, organize, institute, start, begin, get going, initiate, bring about, inaugurate, lay the foundations of
    [Antonyms] abolish, dissolve
  • 4 a mist was forming in the valley
    materialize, come into being/existence, crystallize, emerge, spring up, develop;
    take shape, appear, loom, show up, become visible, come into view, present itself, reveal itself, show itself
    [Antonyms] disappear
  • 5 the horse may form bad habits which are destructive to itself
    acquire, develop, get, pick up, contract, grow into, slip into, get into
    [Antonyms] avoid, get out of
  • 6 his men formed themselves into an arrowhead
    arrange, draw up, line up, assemble, organize, sort, order, range, array, dispose, marshal, deploy, gather, group, place, position, rank, grade
  • 7 they assume that the parts of society form an integrated whole
  • 8 the city formed a natural meeting point for traders and adventurers
    constitute, serve as, act as, function as, perform the function of, do duty for, make, embody, compose, comprise
  • 9 natural objects are most important in forming the mind of the child
    develop, mould, shape, train, teach, instruct, educate, school, tutor, coach, groom, drill, discipline, prime, prepare, guide, direct, inform, verse, enlighten, inculcate, indoctrinate, edify, cultivate, improve, better, uplift, elevate
  • Word links

    morpho- related prefix, as in morphology, morphometry
    -morph related suffix, as in polymorph, ectomorph
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