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  • 4 many of these diseases take the form of persistent infections
    manifestation, appearance, embodiment, incarnation, semblance, shape, guise, character, description, expression
  • 9 what form is your daughter in?
    class, year, school group, tutor group, set, stream, band; North American grade
  • 10 he has been working hard to get into top form for the Olympics
    fitness, physical fitness, condition, fettle, shape, trim, health, state of health
    British informal nick
  • 11British informal he must have form—I'd swear he's been in prison
    a criminal record, a police record, previous convictions, a history of crime
    informal previous
  • 12British people sat on forms by wooden tables
    bench, long seat, pew, settle, stall


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  • 5 the horse may form bad habits which are destructive to itself
    acquire, develop, get, pick up, contract, grow into, slip into, get into
    the horse may form bad habits which are destructive to itself
    [Antonyms] avoid, get out of
  • 8 the city formed a natural meeting point for traders and adventurers
    constitute, serve as, act as, function as, perform the function of, do duty for, make, embody, compose, comprise


good form

it is not good form to leave visitors on their own
[Antonyms] bad form
good mannersmannerspolite behaviourcorrect behaviouracceptable conductconventionetiquetteprotocol informalthe done thing

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morpho- related prefix, as in morphology , morphometry
-morph related suffix, as in polymorph , ectomorph

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